Hello guys,
Any help from south of the border appreciated and will be returned in kind, holding a fight night in Edinburgh on December 11th and got a few fresh eggs to match in both MMA and Muay Thai. None of the guys are superman but all good general MMA skills and all at the grass roots level, if your team has any guys available on that date then please get in touch. Probably best to call me on the mobile, email or private message me rather than posting on the thread as i cant check it as often as id like, Thanks.

Alex Sneddon
Headhunters MMA

Here is a list of the guys i still have to match:

Ian Bathgate MMA SEMI PRO 70/72kg first time
Jonny Goodall MMA SEMI PRO 70/71kg First Timer
Elliot Diaz MMA SEMI PRO 73kg 1 win 1 loss
Steve diver MMA SEMI PRO first timer 74kg 2 thai fights
Johnny Brown MMA SEMI PRO 75kg first timer
Karol Jablonski MMA SEMI PRO 90/93kg First Timer

Aaron Hall THAI 68kg first timer
Liam Linden THAI 70kg 1 loss
Mark Holloway Thai 77kg First Timer
Raymond Stirling 70kg THAI 1 win
Alex Lawrence THAI 74kg 1 loss