Everybody is invited to attend this seminar on the 23rd/24th/25th January with 4th Degree black belt Rodrigo Antunes. Rodrigo is a great guy as well as having insane jiu jitsu- the last one was busy so give us a shout straight away to book a place, details below. It is 30 for either night or 50 to do both, and the open mat/grading is free if you are coming to either the wednesday or thursday seminar. It is held at Manchester Predators near the MEN Arena.

Wed 23rd 6-9pm Gi Seminar
Thurs 24th 6-9pm No-Gi Seminar
(Friday 25th 7-9pm Open mat and grading ceremony for anybody attending either or both seminars- Free)

To book or get more info call 07511 165 485.