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Thread: Grappling Dummy - g-man

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    Default Grappling Dummy - g-man

    I am after a grappling dummy for BJJ. I have had a look at previous posts and ive noticed that these products are very expensive.

    After a bit of google research I found a grappling dummy called G-Man by Tao Sports. Anyone used it or recommend it?

    It looks different and interesting (plus a lot cheaper than other similar products).

    What do you think?

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    anybody with experience of this product?

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    Looks rubbish mate. I can, however, see the need for one if you want to practice your reps. If i wanted a grappling dummy, i would be looking for one as anatomically close to the human body as possible. I would also be looking for one that could freeze in certain positions. The closest one to this specification would be the submission master but this also comes with a hefty price tag 400 plus dollars :-(

    In my opinion the dummy you was looking at is waste of money. Looks like a giant tube of bog roll painted black with to bin liners sticking out for arms.

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    Fuck me, that submission master looks ok but the shipping sosts to the UK are as much as the purchase price for the dummy itself!!

    You'd end up shelling out at least 800 if you bought one for the UK.

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    In the UK I reckon Rodney's your best bet.

    here's vid of a dummy in action. Rodney's in it as well.
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    I think unless you can't have the submission master which i can't afford, i can't see any of the other dummies that can do what it can do like hold positions.

    The rodney ones look ok to practice top game but its rather too lifeless and i may as well steal a guy forks dummy from those little brats who will buy trick or treating again this year. My question is what's the difference between rodney and a home made guy forks dummy they both are flat and not able to articulate their joints. ( i mean what joints!!??)

    The next piece of equipment i am buying is called TRX suspension trainer..

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    I think you're right. The money spent on the Rodney, or the other dummy, would probably be better spent on some privates, or a couple of months gym subs.

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    still thinking about getting one of these as the mrs and my mates wont be the dummy. im addicted to the submissions and i spend all my time thinking about the moves. i think a dummy would help me as id be able to do the moves and take them out of my mind

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