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Thread: European Amateur Shooto Championships

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    Exclamation European Amateur Shooto Championships


    On Saturday, June 10th 2017, the annual European Amateur Shooto Championships will be hosted in the Öschhalle, Öschweg 2, 72555 Metzingen (Germany). This Amateur event is open for competitors from all styles and organizations.Registration is available at

    Date: Saturday, June 10th 2017
    Place: Öschweg 2, 72555 Metzingen, Germany
    Venue: Öschhalle
    Organizer: Shooto Germany
    Competitors: all Martial Artists over 18 years of age
    Registration: only via this online registration form provided here. No registration via E-Mail or messages on Social Networks.
    Deadline: Registration ends on June 1st 2017

    Tournament style
    Single Elimination Tournament in all weight-division. The winner of a match advances to the next round. The loser is eliminated from competition.

    Official Shooto Rules for Amateurs. Fight time in the Preliminary Matches is 1 Round of 4 Minutes duration. Fight time in the Final Matches is 2 Rounds of 3 Minutes duration with an intervall of 1 Minute between Rounds.

    Legal Techniques
    -Punching with the Fist (Knuckles) to the Head and Body during Stand-Up Fighting
    -Kicking and Kneestrikes to the Head, Body and Legs during Stand-Up Fighting
    -Throws, Takedowns
    -Groundfighting with Chokes and Joint-Locks

    Illegal Techniques
    -Punching or kicking an opponent on the ground
    -Throws on the head or spine
    -Small joint manipulations

    The Promoter provides MMA Gloves, Shinguards, Kneepads and Headguards for all fighters. All fighters must have a mouthpiece, a groin-cup (male fighters) and a chest protector (female fighters)

    Every Team can have a maximum of three Coaches, who can enter the venue for free.

    All Athletes and Coaches, who participate at the European Championships will have free entrance to the night show of SHOOTO KINGS VI: Ichigeki!
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    Bloody hell. Mr Angerer. Good post. Shooto is still going strong. I like it.
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