So, I was looking at complimenting my Judo with some BJJ & couldnt find anything in carmarthen where I live but found 2 clubs in swansea, gb swansea or chris rees academy and a pedro bessa class in swansea lc. can anyone from the pedro bessa swansea group pm me with details plse. The gb swansea website was great and gave me all the info I needed, even a class running in Lllanelli, but when I googled Pedro Bessa an incomplete website (pedrobessauk) came up so am not sure if the info on there for swansea classes is up to date or not. a 2nd site (cardiffbjj) came up gut no info on satellite classes - swansea - on there either. the pedro bessa swansea facebook page was, to be honest, rubbish as well. someone needs to streamline alll the class info and keep the website and fb pages up to date! whoever is in charge of the marketing needs a good whipping!