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Thread: good and bad tattoo's in mma

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    Carl Noon's tattoo's are pretty cool

    Carl Noon Burnley-Brawl 3 by Fightshop (, on Flickr Photography

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    Mick Sinclair's inst bad either

    Mick Sinclair - MMA Fighter by Fightshop (, on Flickr Photography

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanthic View Post
    High horse. Off it. It was a blatant joke.

    Nope, happily single although if somebody did ask to see it - Id be pretty chuffed seeing as I've only ever dated mediocre women.
    Erm. Gutter. Get out of it. Wasn't blatant.

    I'm possibly the most crude person on this forum and I live for jokes but found what you said offensive and I'm not the only one.

    Somethings you don't joke about.

    Maybe you might get a nicer girl if you brought your standards up.

    Have you ever met Dan? He's a top guy who doesn't deserve to be spoken about in such a fashion.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    good = ross pearsons sleeve/chest plate
    bad = brandon vera back piece

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    Quote Originally Posted by purist View Post
    Bad, very bad:

    oh dear........

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    Genki Sudo

    Career highlight video
    Team Fulinkazan "The will to win compares little with the will to prepare to win"

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    is it buzz berry who has cage rage on the inside of biceps?

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    Melvin Costa


    the Randy Couture one in FIghters Only a while back was also pretty bad. HT might be able to post it up if he has it
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    none of your fucking business


    I always thought Arona had some sick ink, and Sudo's is often imitated but is so original

    I also like Cabbage's Yamatodamashi

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