Chaos 9th October Derry Northern Ireland - Card
Barring late pull outs this is the card as it stands.
Tickets are not printed yet but will be available soon from Evolve gym or the Evergaldes hotel.

Light weight A Title Fight
Dominic McConnell (Newcastle Fight Team) Michael Doyle (EFR)

Feather A Title Fight
Steve McCombe (EFR) Ben Davis(Point Blank)

Light weight A
Connor Dylan (Kilarney MMA) Connor McGregor (SBG)

Pro B Feather
Luke O'Neill (Red dragon) Stephen Connolly(Evolve)

C class Feather weight Title
Eugene McAuley (SFT) Gary 'The Gunner' McQaid (Evolve)

C class Middle weight Title
Jonny Bowden (Kokoro) Gareth Loughran (Sudden Impact)

C class Welter
Chris Meanie (Elite) Gavin carlin(Evolve)

Feather C class
Milan Kovach(Dog Pound) Ciaran Boyle(Lisnafin MMA)

bantam C Class
Marty Kelly (Newcastle Fight Team) Johnny McAuley(Evolve)

Bantam C Class
Nial Devine (Strabane) Alan Philpott (IMMA)

Welterweight C class
Eddie Gorman (Fighting Fit) Gareth Large(Evolve)

Feather C class
Warren Mitchel (Red Dragon) Gavin Kelly(Evolve)

Welterweight C class
Jason Quinn (Point Blank) Graham Doherty(Evolve)

Light C class
Jonny 'The Origin' Origan (Kokoro) Nathan McMullan(EFR)

87kgs C Class
Paul Hickey (Point Blank) Gareth Vaughan(Strabane)

LHW C Class
Gregor Lenark (IMMA) Ronan Boyle (Lisnafin MMA)

Light c class
Mark Curry(Gracie Barra) Paul Delaney(Point Blank)