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Thread: Internet Forum Putdowns

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    lol I know mate,

    Whats on the cards for wednesday? My mate says he is coming down again (this may be a massive lie). Any chance of more rubber guard stuff? Really liked that shizzle
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    I have two excellent put downs......tend to work better in a kebab shop rather than a forum though.

    1) guy astarts hurling abuse at you in the queue, you act really timid, then burst into life, pointing straight at him, and yell..... "youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (then pause, its the timing that counts) have a stupid face. "

    I saw this used in Boscombe, and it worked a treat. Guy just walked off.

    2) 1st guy.... You are one fat motherfucker
    2nd guy.....well I can loose weight, you'll always be an ugly cunt.

    If all else fails, just piss on your hand and then shake theres, that always seems to work.

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    erm one i remember that made me chuckle was

    "Do us all a favor, and please shut that gaping, tartar-encrusted penis receptacle that you call a mouth; you are a puss-filled cyst in the colon of society"

    but it wasnt said to me

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    I'm not very good at putting people down on the net, so when someone gives me shit I usually just run outside and attack a random child.

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    the c-bomb is the daddy. Turns most sentences into a great insult. Works better than most other swear words i think. Example:

    I dont agree with your opinion.

    I dont agree with your opinion. Cunt
    "tonight we dine in hell....or dominoes"


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    Default Last Page

    you can see all the pages a visitor looks at when browsing the visitors and clicking the look for the last page and thats the last page they browsed, is that what you mean?
    Do not warry about me mother I have buy Methotrexate

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    On the old chavscum forum, somebody on there made a thread asking "would you rather be a chav or american?, personally, id rather be dead".

    And somebody made a reply to that saying

    "well, what a coincidence then, cause id rather you be dead aswell"

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    What about, " i could have been your father but the horse came quicker" or " the dog beat me up the stairs"
    They guy who invented Burpees , is a secret child molester

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    that's a crap put down mate

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    When somebody steals your line or phrase :-

    "If I wanted my own come-back I'd have wiped it off your mums chin "

    Doesn't have a signature anymore

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