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Thread: Need help with an Irish connection

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    Hey guys, hope someone can help me, i have had an unusual offer from my town council, they want me to host a charity MMA event in my local area with a small percentage of the gate going to the club, but more importantly the event comes with much local sponsorship, enough to get a cage for the gym (and the event in question) as well as some other much needed equiptment.

    I would like to do the event for them, as we could really do with the local expose and the gear.

    Problem is, the event is supposed to be for the town twinning committee, so the go ahead hinges on me being able to find fighters from the town twinned with ours, which is ballymoney Co. Wexford Ireland.

    I Have done a quick search but cant find any gyms in that area, that doesnt mean there arn't any, just that i cant find them.

    If anyone knows of a team in that area, or even a promoter of Irish MMA leagues/events that would be in the know, i would be very grateful for any assisatance you can give me.

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    You should post this on in the MMA section.

    That is the biggest Forum in Ireland. Be wary tho there are some dicks that lurk there and give off about everything.

    Or try the website.

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