BJJ FUNDAMENTALS is a new teaching series with Gracie Barra Midlands head instructor - Victor Estima.
Each lesson covers fundamentals that are essential to a good game, covering the finer points that turn a position, transition, submission from a good technique into a really effective technique!

5 lessons have been released to date with more being filmed for release next week. Each lesson only 7 to purchase in MP4 format which means you can transfer it to your ipod or ipad if your a lucky owner and take it with you to your gym to brush up on your skills!

Lesson 1 - Kneeling Guard passing + variations
Lesson 2 - Half Guard passing + variations
Lesson 3 - Standing Guard Pass + follow up submissions
Lesson 4 - Submissions from guard
Lesson 5 - Sweeps from guard + submissions

All are available on