One of the main reasons I don't like Paul Daley is because of the stuff he said on the countdown show for the event in which he was to face Dustin Hazelett. I've seen quite a few of those shows, but I've never before, or since, heard someone go on about how great fighting is because it lets you pick up women! I don't know about anyone else, but I watch those countdowns to hear what everyone involved has to say about upcoming contests and how they're preparing, not to hear some idiot bragging about how exciting his sex life is!

It really bugged me, so I decided to get my own back on this halfwit. I scoured the internet for sites where you can find tons of local, willing loose girls. Most of them want upfront payment before you can use their sites, I mean it's obviously a service which people are willing to pay good money for, but I found this site which gives you full access completely free for one day. You can get a lot of contacts in a day if you want, and trust me these girls are seriously loose. You can find this site at www.I'