NEMESIS will be taking place in W.I.T Sports Hall Waterford on the 27th November! If you have any fighters that wish to compete on the event pro/semi pro please contact the promoter Myles with this e-mail (


Main Event

Tom “The Quiet Man” McGuire (SBG) V Dom “The Bomb” Mc Connell (NMMA) 70kg Lightweight

Dean Barry (Next Gen) V Juri Malko (Cork Muay Thai) 77kg Welterweight

Richie Ivory (Next Gen) V Brendan Oshea (Middleton Fight Academy) 61kg Bantomweight

Tom “The Monster” Sullivan (Spirit MMA) V Vlad Malko (Cork Muay Thai) 77kg Welterweight

Stephen "Head" Doyle (Next Gen) V Anthony Mc Grath (PHK) 61kg Bantomweight

Semi Professional

Mihai Fiskow (Kilkenny Top Pro) V Connor Devlin (Kokoro) 65.8kg Featherweight

Ger Teehan (Kilkenny Top Pro) V Andrej Fassung (Kokoro) 65.8kg Featherweight

Andrew Murphy (Waterford MMA) V Rob Byrne (Kokoro) 70kg Lightweight

Kieran O’Donnell (Tuath De Denann) V Fran Mc Keown (Kokoro) 77kg Welterweight

Peter Qualley (Waterford MMA) V Josh Coughlan (Kokoro) 73kg Catchweight

Barry Connelly(Spirit MMA) V Damien Tyrell (Kokoro) 70kg Lightweight

Tony Keane (Waterford MMA) V Patrick Sheridan (Kokoro) 70kg Lightweight

Shane Dwyer (Wexford Warriors) V Alan Cocoran (Kokoro) 70kg Lightweight

Brian Partridge (Waterford MMA) V Michael Let (Spirit MMA) 93kg Light Heavyweight

Glen O’Connor (Tuatha de Denann) V Janek Ozmin (Kokoro) 77kg Welterweight

Shane Smith (Tuatha De Denann) V Kyle Comerford (Kilkenny Fight Academy) 65.8kg Featherweight

Dave Green (Waterford MMA) V Tony Corcoran (Kilkenny Top Pro) 93kg Light Heavyweight

Anthony O’Brien (Waterford MMA) V Hugh Harris (Spirit MMA) 70kg Lightweight

Jarek Slowinski (Middleton Fight Academy) V Robbie Walsh (Spirit MMA) 77kg Welterweight
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