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Thread: How high, or low, do you wear your BJJ belt?

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    low slung FTW although i love seeing people at comps wear there belts too high always makes me laugh
    +1 lol

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    When I'm really good I'll wear the belt really high just for kicks.

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    in brazil, a high belt is sign of a gringo, and if they make you wear it high they taking the piss out of you :0
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    i wear mine a bit higher cause i bought a short belt by accident. but i also like people having a tough time to remove my lapels
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    definitely low slung for me,more comfortable.I thought everybody was low slung couldnt even think about doing it any other way.
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    Judo players wear their belts low, to give a false impression of where their centre gravity point actually is. Although it looks cool too lol

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    Wearing it high is futuristic, its like holding the pool queue the wrong way round. People think youre a total noob.... til you helicopter armbar them.

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    Always on the hips.......

    anybody who wears it higher probably irons creases down the front of their jeans.

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    Oh god. Must wear belt lower. Off to iron jeans.

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    My belt is a traitor. I put it on low but it climbs my body during class to display my true standing in bjj society.

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