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Thread: What would be your ideal dojo.

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    Default What would be your ideal dojo.

    Ok lets keep it real though,no Jacuzzi's or stripper poles etc.Im looking for constructive opinions on basic Facilities,tuition as far as having stand up,wrestling,judo maybe yoga,weights classes,plyometrics,sports psychiatrist?At the same time maybe creating innovation at BJJ clubs.

    My feelings are why not have other people use your dojo eg capoeira,yoga,kettle bell instructors etc.That way you gain expertise and services,increase bjj awareness and better the financial status of the club.

    Whats the point in having an empty mat during the day.If I could install showers at the price of hosting a yoga class which is open to our fellow students for free at say 12pm or whatever....i see no bad.

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    Big big mat space, sprung floor. Weights, KBs, treadmill, rowers etc. Changing rooms with showers, proper storage for bags etc.

    Class wise, I'd like to see KB classes, conditioning, Judo and Wrestling. If the facility can support it, Yoga classes would be awesome too. Excellent idea to use the free studio/mat time for other classes, I bet early morning Yoga would do well. Kids classes after school (4-6pm) are great too.


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    Huge matted area and fully padded walls, under-floor heating, jiu-jitsu lessons 24/7... that'll do me -

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    Classes every day in Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, BJJ, MMA, Judo, Yoga, Pilates, Strength and Conditioning, a swimming pool, and a healthy restaurant bar.

    Most top MMA gyms do this anyway except the pool, if it's a pure BJJ gym then exclude all the striking arts and keep the rest.
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    Exactly what I have now enough space to roll... you dont need all that flash shit to train hard
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    I have far too much going on in my head for my ideal dojo. I design buildings all day so as you can imagine....I have some pretty funky (and detailed ideas/products) built up in my head! Anyone want to lend me 4mil?
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    I've never trained there, but from what I have read I think the Carlson set up in London is the ideal model.

    Realistic pricing, multiple black belts, lots of high level students, loads of classes, great competition record, additional stuff like yoga etc......

    Plus I get the impression that it's not lining someones pocket but has been set up by people who love bjj.

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    Ones like this.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hands Of Stone View Post
    Ones like this.....

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    Where do I sign up!

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    Yoga, Judo, BJJ, no ego's, good Sensei's, cardio area and bags. Also some fit females in Gi's

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