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Thread: Design a gi contest winners

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLM View Post
    I think the winning Gi is pretty cool although like The Last Starfighter, I wouldn't wear any them personally. You have to have some serious game to wear a custom gi I think.

    yeah, or a serious ego lol
    This is not a gif. It is an actual video of Fedor doing infinate press ups.

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    Or just a sense of humor...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil The Pain View Post
    forgive me for being dumb, but why call it a crazy ass gi comp then?
    Busted! Haha. To be honest i was making up a lot of the rules etc as it was going along. Not very professional I know but. its my first such large scale project. The next one will be better designed. In the end some people won some gis, some love is shared, hope people enjoyed taking part.
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    I actually have to say that the more I look at the winning gi the more I like it.

    I'd need to reach at least blue belt before I'd have the front to wear it though lol.

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    love the ultimate winner.

    Would possibly buy it if it was put into production. Would definitely buy a pin-up back patch!
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    I think that the pin-up gi won mainly due to the fact that the submitted drawing looks much more professional than the other entries (which resemble school projects). The actual design itself isn't at all 'crazy'.

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    This is great that the winner is causing so much debate - if you look at all 400 odd entries, I think the right design won in the end, not just because of the quality of execution, but in that all the elements just seemed to fit in nicely. I think a design that causes people to react - either positively or negatively, surely that's better than something bland and unnoticeable.
    But sure, it's not crazy by comparison - but your definition of crazy will differ completely from someone else's. That's why I enrolled 8 or 9 judges to help us choose the finalists, and then there was the added round of public voting. So the winner truly was a people's winner - although you could also argue that the winner was the won who could cajole and convince enough people to join the FB group and click a 'like'.
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    winning gi looks great. i hope they decide to print a small run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hurricane View Post
    the winning gi is as dull as ditchwater.

    thought there was many better entries
    I was disappointed the Chuck Norris one didn't make it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by God of CW View Post
    God likes head kick knock outs.

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    I'm lovin the Scorpion gi

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