Hey guys,

Just a quick heads up about a few new additions to KombatClinic.com

Firstly, thank you so much for your fantastic response to our Roy Dean DVD giveaway, in the short space of time we held the giveaway the competition attracted some 563 correct answers from countries as far a field as the United States, Canada, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand – an amount I could never of imagined!

The correct answer to our question: "What is the Roy Dean Academy slogan?" is of course (b) "Discover Who You Are." Congratulations to all that submitted the correct answer however, there can be only one winner and I am delighted to confirm that the winner of Roy's entire DVD back catalogue, which includes all of Roy's five DVD releases: Blue Belt Essentials, Purple Belt Essentials, No-Gi essentials, Art of the Wristlock and his seminars DVD is:

- Jon Broster from Nottinghamshire, England -

Congratulations to Jon and confirmation has been added to the main site at http://kombatclinic.com Massive thanks once again to Seymour Yang over at http://meerkatsu.com for all his help in organising for us to host his brilliant interview and the contest itself and of course all of you for your continued support of KombatClinic.com

Stay tuned for more fantastic competitions and giveaways very soon!

Second, continuing along our most recent theme of all things dedicated to Master Carlson Gracie we have two new interviews up on the site, the first comes by the way of the intrepid ‘Fighting Photographer’ Carl Fisher. As he finished up his trip to Rio Carl managed to bag a quality interview with a very old school Coral (black and red) belt Jiu Jitsoka by the name of Osvaldo Gomes da Rosa.

Affectionately known as “Paqueta”, Osvaldo has been studying Jiu Jitsu for more than fifty years, is widely regarded as Carlson Gracie’s best friend and is reputed to have the largest collection of BJJ & Vale Tudo VHS and DVD’s in the world (many of which contain early footage from the likes of Vitor Belfort, Paulo Filho, Minotauro, Wallid Ismail, Saulo Ribeiro and Gordo) – another great interview from Carl (and more on the way).

Here is the interview in full: http://kombatclinic.com/2010/10/osva...osa-interview/

Finally, we also have an interview waiting in the wings with Ricardo “Rey” Diogo that was conducted on behalf of KombatClinic.com by Carlson Gracie/team Diogo 3 stripe brown belt Peter Richardson on Rey’s most recent visit to Scotland back in September. In the interview Rey speaks openly about his teacher and mentor Carlson Gracie, Jiu Jitsu in Scotland (the birthplace of the Gracie ancestors) and his relationship with long-term friend, student and training partner Guro Dan Inosanto.

Reys interview will be online as soon as the pictures have been finalised.
Many thanks to all that have made the last few interviews happen including Carl Fisher, Seymour Yang and Peter Richardson.

Thanks to you guys for your continued support and keep you eyes open for more quality competitions and interviews with British Judoka and former Commonwealth Judo champion Wayne Lakin and BJJ Mundials champions from team Alliance Gabrielle Garcia and Luana Alzuguir.