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Thread: Dojo or Academy?

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    Default Dojo or Academy?


    I have noticed some Jiu-Jitsu clubs deliberately refer to their home as a Dojo (I think mine does) rather than an academy? Why the specificity? Is it down to tradition or philosophy?

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    I believe that comes down to personal preference so you'd have to ask each one individually...

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    same thing really just differen't language dojo means a place of learning i believe which the same is true of an academy. it's also a force of habit for anyone coming from a judo/taekwondo/karete etc.. background.

    i know i often slipt of the tongue refer to our training hall as a dojang.
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    Dojo is Japanese,Academy is Portuguese.

    I tend to prefer the word Dojo as it helps slow the erosion
    of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's history as a Japanese system taught to

    It is only a small distinction and no big deal,but I feel it pays a little respect
    to where our art came from.

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    I always say if you wear a Gi then its a Dojo and if not then its an Academy.

    Traditional Martial Arts ~ no matter which one ~ should be taught in a Dojo.

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    I'm old school Karate and Trad JJ, so it's dojo for me


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    Dojo for sure!!
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    Dojo is Japanese. A place of practice. JuJitsu is Japanese in origin, thus Academies should be referred to as a dojo

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    I just all my place my gym
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    academia in portuguese so i say academy
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