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Thread: Rude Old People.

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    Default Rude Old People.

    Why do some old folk think that as they have had the luck not to be killed yet that it gives them to right to do what ever the fuck they like and speak to people like cunts?

    I'm on my way to UCMMA and got to Reading train station to find the place mobbed. The queue for the ticket counter was the biggest I've ever seen it and every machine had at least 10 people waiting to use it. All quietly and politely queuing. So I joined a queue for a machine and waited my turn.

    When I got to the front I was pressing the buttons to get my tickets to London and out of nowhere I heard a shout right behind me.


    I turned round and an old woman with a scowl on her face was pointing at the machine I was using.

    "Excuse me madam" I replys.

    "DO YOU KNOW HOW TO USE THESE THINGS???" (More scowling and pointing)

    "Yes" I reply and carry on with my purchase.


    So at this point it is clear she is an old bag who thinks the world owes her a living so I just ignore her and carry on with getting my ticket.

    She then starts huffing and puffing and screams "YOU'RE BEING SLOW ON PURPOSE". And then said the weirdest thing as she screamed "THE WORLD WAS BETTER WHEN WE WERE APES".

    So at this point I'm sure she is shouting just to try and make me look like a cunt.

    So I politely say "the more you shout the longer it will take me"

    She storms off to the next machine and shouts at the person at the next machine "DO YOU KNOW HOW TO USE THESE THINGS. THAT MAN (points and scowls at me) IS BEING DELIBERATELY SLOW AND I'm IN A HURRY"

    So I lose my rag and give it "you madam are a cantankerous old bat and if you had said please and thankyou I would have got your ticket for you. Do old bags like you not need manners?"

    She storms off in the huff and everyone looking on has a little giggle.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    fukin bully

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    sounds like my bird mate lol

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    I hate these old farts, seeing them act like this makes me want to chin them. I guess I'm a terrible person.

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    nice one sledge the eloquence just tops it

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    I encounter far more rude younger people than older people to be honest.

    When we encounter rudeness in older people do we sometimes magnify it because we expect better from them? I have been guilty of this.

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    Old women are by far the worst.

    Tesco is full of the geriatric old bastards.

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    Few things annoy me more than an old person starting something with "Back in my day......" - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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