Did anybody on here ever used to watch Jerry Sadowitz on TV? For those who don't know, he's a magician that pulls no punches. Some people liken him a bit to Frankie Boyle but with card tricks. He appeared on a few late night programmes back in the day, 1 of which was "The people versus Jerry Sadowitz". I thought this was an awesome programme; basically random people would just walk on to air their opinions and Jerry would occasionally rip them to pieces in is charismatically blunt and offensive way.

Finding videos of his stuff online is like finding rocking horse shit; they seem to get taken down very quickly for some reason wherever you look. Oh.. and he also appears in the Shamen's music video for Ebeneezer Good...
The video doesn't really give much away about Jerry Sadowitz but I feel it should be included for certain thread enhancing qualities.

...and if anybody does know where to find his vids that would be great.