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Thread: WRESTLE FOR IT! - Olympic Wrestling Training Camp for MMA

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    Default WRESTLE FOR IT! - Olympic Wrestling Training Camp for MMA

    Wrestle for it! is a new campaign supporting the British wrestling community, to help promote and develop sport of wrestling in Britain. As part of this campaign we will be hosting our first training camp for MMA fighters.

    WRESTLE FOR IT! - Olympic Wrestling Training Camp for MMA.
    December 17th - 18th, Manchester, England.
    2 day training camp in Manchester for MMA Fighters.
    2 of Britain's best wrestlers coaching the camp (details coming soon).

    Great venue and facilities for a professional and unique 2 day camp where you will get to practice wrestling techniques as well as a main focus on using wrestling for fighting.

    The camp ends with a therapy area where you will get treated like a pro and have access to sports massage as well as networking opportunities/useful information (such as advice on loosing weight before competition, and how to fit wrestling into your training program).

    Get to spend time with these world class wrestlers and learn more about the sport.

    Included in the 2 day camp:
    >buffet on both days
    >gift bag
    >personal sport massage
    >entrance to after party

    Those who are travelling to Manchester, you will need to book accommodation separate, however we will provide information on local hotels.

    we expect a high interest for this camp and so places will be limited, as we would like to focus more on each fighter and also provide one on one coaching, so we will limit the numbers. Payment must be made in advance to book your place, those who turn up on the day without booking will be charged the standard fee.

    To confirm your interest in attending this camp and for an application form, please send us an email:

    More details of the venue, payment method and coach's will be updated end of this week.
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    Are you still doing the wednesday classes at sugden?

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    Price please and who are the world class wrestlers?

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    any chance of a training camp like this coming to south of england at anytime?

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    EVERYONE should get down to this if you are in the area!
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    gbdaz "Are you still doing the wednesday classes at sugden?"

    No at the moment we concentrating on this 2 day camp, we have some world class wrestlers who would like to coach this camp and hopefully be an annual event. That is why we are working hard to deliver a successful event in December. Hope to update you with more details asap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Natural View Post
    Price please and who are the world class wrestlers?
    will confirm everything asap on price and coaching team, just making sure they both available for the dates before we confirm. This camp will only be a success because of the standard of wrestling they will both offer, and we not want to charge a huge amount, we would rather have a successful event that provides opportunity for fighters to experience an elite training camp, so price will be very reasonable for the 2 days. Also because many fighters will have to book hotels, so we have to make sure we not put people off by charging a huge amount. Hopefully we will get enough numbers, and also sponsors for the event, but iam sure we will get alot of interest once we announce the team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newone View Post
    any chance of a training camp like this coming to south of england at anytime?
    This is a real possibility, this will depend however on the success of the first camp in Manchester.

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    Personally, I would stay away from anything Herculean promotes. Especially if it's in conjunction (which it will be) with Yusuf.

    I found him rude, unapproachable and from experience, didnt adapt the wrestling for MMA. It was very much pro-wrestling/anti-MMA. And many people who post on here from the Manchester area who attended his sessions at the beginning of the year at Trinity will agree and attest to that.

    If you can get world class coaches down, that's great for the sport. I would much rather spend my money on a private session with Ali Arish who has a proven record of taking down solid MMA guys.

    I understand that wrestling is the downfall of most British fighters and would agree that Yusuf is a very solid wrestler but as a coach - he downright fails.

    On a seperate note: Matt Inman and David Garvey will be running a Wrestling FOR MMA session at Evolve, Salford, Manchester every Friday evening and a class will be established on the weekend soon.
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    In terms of his ability he was known as useless Yousef. No jokes

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