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Thread: Big riot outside Ross ''Petty'' Pettifers House

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    RMS fuck everyone we can have our own little clique if you want. great to have you back.

    I never posted or confirmed that someone was assaulted, that was mentioned by someone else unrelated to me.

    Im guessing if i went to an Extreme brawl my reception would depend on if it was Jeramy Baileys Official Extreme Brawl or Andy Sardines fake Extremely small.

    I think anything Andy Sardine is involved with will probably have assaults and riots going on, as you can see by reading this thread and the one which led to this, he is an unstable guy who likes to make threats whether they be for legal actions or to fight or 'kill cunts like you in jail'

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    How did I miss this, so full of win it hurts lol ME

    "That was how i got my first soapy titwank!
    Listening is cool and shit." BlackdogMMA

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    Quote Originally Posted by rms6859 View Post
    Ha ha ha, thanks Ross

    It just doesnt seem the same on here as it use to be, i hardly recognise anybody on here now, not that im saying im cliquey.

    Im glad im not the only one that thinks the phrase "consequences will never be the same" is funny, jessies father has well inadvertantly made a meme of that lol
    YES YES it's RMS! Nice to see you man it's been far far too long
    No longer playing World of Warcraft. Goodbye fond memories

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