Lazer Nutrition
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allowing you to fuel your body with the macronutrients required
for growth and weight gain.

The ideal ratio of ingredients which allows Lazer Nutrition
to be the premier weight gain of choice.
Rather than fill the product with maltodextrin alone;
we have used a Low DE [Dextrose Equivalent]
Maltodextrin and blended it with slow release carobohydrate
Together with the Protein and MCT's you can be sure that
this Weight Gainer will be fueling your body for optimal growth


Lazer Nutrition Monster Cell

Contains Optimise Whey Protein Concentrate
Contains Optimise Milk Protein Concentrate
Contains a mixture of low and medium GI carbohydrates
Added MCT's

Nutritional Breakdown

Each 98g serving provides

•Energy : 406 Kcal
•Protein : 35g
•Carbohydrates : 50g
•Fats : 7.4g