Hey guys i would really appreciate it if you would watch this video of a guy originally from my home town's fight in Thailand.

Its his first fight back after a three year layoff, hes been back home working and saving to return, train and fight in Thailand.

It was during this last stint at home that he became aware of our MMA gym and came down looking for a place to skip and do padwork until he could get back to his camp and coaches.

While at our gym he worked with our fighters, coached and assisted and asked for nothing in return. His help was incredibly valuable, he shared all his experience with the lads and the effect of his words of encouragement can still be seen on the mat today.

With that in mind i am hoping to raise some local sponsorship for him so that he can extend his stay in thailand, and i plan to use the video of his latest fight (and win) as part of my approach to potential sponsors and for this i need to raise the view count.

Your help is greatly appreciated in the matter.