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Thread: Jordan Watson

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    Default Jordan Watson

    I'm sure a lot of you know but I'll post it anyway - Jordan Watson took the ISKA World Title at the weekend. Great fighter from a great camp, well done to him and the Bad Company team.

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    Jordan Watson ISKA World Title Fight_-79.jpg by Fightshop (, on Flickr

    Click in the pic for pics of the fight. Jordan is an unbelievable talent.

    Event was sponsored by Sandee and, pics by me Photography

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    Watson may be the best thai fighter in the UK to watch, amazing balance, technique and power. Hopefully he goes on to massive things like his team mate Liam Harrison

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    and he fights on dec 5th in bangkok in an amazing tourny, which includes yod! good luck Jordan!

    Team Phoenix

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    Is there anywhere I can see his official record? With who he's fought?
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    ^ I know he's lost to Danny Welsh

    And lost on MSA to Baukuw or however you spell it, other than that I know diddly about him.
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    try the badcompany website.

    dec 5th tourney jordan is in looks amazing

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    kings cup super 8 isnt it?

    yod will take it IMO but i hope watson can make it to the final. i might see if i can get some tickets

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    info on the tourny ppv and jordan

    Team Phoenix

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    isn't "Baukuw or however you spell it" an amazing fighter? Don't know much about Thai yet but I'm sure I've seen a few of his vids ;-)

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