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Thread: Top 10 pound per pound muay thai fighters in the UK

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    p4p includes p4p strength, i wouldnt include julie, she is a fantastic fighter and has many strengths but power isnt one of them im not by any means saying she isnt strong but p4p no way i would put her above helene.

    i havent seen chali fight so cant comment but believe me sarah macarthy can bang. she hits really, really hard and is very accurate. im heavier than her and she mauls me all over. she is also one of the strongest clinchers anywhere in 58-60kg bracket.

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    p4p doesnt just mean stregnth else the biggest would win.. its actually a tricker one as it favours the smallest fighter usually due to speed and technique which in real life would never carry up the weights
    biggest banger defo Helene - Id put Chali behind her in punch power
    she almost KO'd Gemma Coast with literally the first punch of their fight 2 weeks back....stopped her in under 2 minutes....chalis 5th fight...Gemmas 16th....
    Sarah and Bonny both wouldnt fight Chali at her weight (61kg) - not being disrespectul as Sarah is very good from a top camp , but too small - challi could never make below 61 (maybe a micro amount but thats it) -
    she can spar (and i mean whacking not playing) with Francis Maina and hold her own (ish)whos current -59kg champ and male, and one of the hardest hitters around...
    and im being serious here a less experienced guy at around same weight, say a guy with 4/5 fights - Chali would prob still be the winner/or hold her own....same for Helene G too - one of the few girls who could do that I think

    Julie isnt powerful but still at her weight and weights either side is the champion so if you moved her up in weight and power or down in both technically she would do well

    bit like using BJ penn or GSP in MMA.....neither are KO artists but if the same fighter existed with same strengths in a lower or higher weight division then they would be the best....

    anyone its just opinion anyway :-)
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    i'd like to see one of chali's fight, i dont know much about her at u have a link to one.

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    buy Pele's (Beastmasters) last show DVD or check on there was a snippet on there of the first minute....

    i dont put her fights up on youtube/facebook for people other than our gym as i have to buy DVDs to watch opponents etc or go to shows so why give it to them for free.. ;-) no one helps me out the other way around !

    her very first fight is on the Legends show on p4tv from Dec last year vs a girl 4odd kg heavier and with a handful of fights - she improved a lot but as a first ever fight she looked v good..

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    or add her as a friend on FB and youll see the Gemma one

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    how does sean wright sit on a list of thai? Seen him fight in contender

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    he wouldnt be on it IMO

    good fighter but people like Liam, Jordan, Wakeling etc are amongst the best anywhere in the world

    plus contender you watched is 2yrs odd obviously rankings etc change

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    worldwide p4p...there's a really hard list to make!

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    watched chali's fight on p4, very impressed. her punches looked strong but i think the girl she was fighting was just so tough it was hard to gauge the impact.
    chali had lovely technique considering it was her first fight, really good range control. would like to see more of her defo. 61kg is an awkward weight, most of the girls who have fought at that weight can make 59. she would probs have to move up to 63 if she cant get under 61 but then gets the bigger girls coming down in weight, although by the looks of her she could handle it

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    Recently watched alexis rufus (and Dave Fensom) from the uk at a muay thai show here in calgary. Alexis is definitely one tough girl!

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