CageFilm are looking to release the following instructional series on DVD and are looking for trade outlets.

If you own a retail store and think any of the following are in your market interest, please pm me with website details to your store.

We will be restricting the outlets for these products as we want to work with selective retailers who can reach the right market.

Prices will be confirmed to interested parties in due time, but will be very good trade prices!

The following series will be available.

Braulio Estima - Invisible Jiu Jitsu.
Currently over 20 available lessons, more being added with some big releases for next year.

Victor Estima - Fundamentals of BJJ.
Currently 5 lesson available, more being added monthly.

Neil Adams - The Complete Judoka.
Currently 12 lessons available. HUGE market opportunity in France and Belgium as well as UK!

(Neil is currently the Olympic coach to the Belgium Judo team)

Marcelo Brigadeiro - Luta Livre / MMA
Currently 8 lesson available, more being added.

We have a number of other titles due for release next year also.

Anyone interested, please pm me with your website details.

These will be available for a very limited amount of retailers.

Thanks - Tim