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I still think mayweather is the man that can beat him,

Mayweather wont fight like his last few guys he has fought. They were easy to find, Mayweather wont be easy to find.

But i hope pac man will smash him.

Shame the fight is never gonna happen
I think Manny and Mayweather are the only two guys who could potentially find the chink in each others armour.

Would Mayweather's counterpunching be as effective against Manny's workrate and movement?

Would Manny be able to avoid the precise shots of Mayweather on the way out?

They're questions every boxing fan wants answered. I can see why they are mulling over the fight so much but it certainly wouldn't affect the losers legacy a great deal imo. It's such fights that make a fighters career.

I'm with you on wanting Pacman to win any potential matchup. His attitude is fantastic in and outside the ring.