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    Default Jiujitsu Sucks

    stolen from Seymour Yang's facebook hehe
    ‎"He who goes to bed with itchy bum, wake up with stinky finger."

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    Seems fair enough to me. Been wasting all this time training BJJ for nothing. Think I'll go to a Kung Fu school instead and learn the Dim Mac (cos that was cool in Bloodsport), grow a beard and be a fat nerd making youtube videos living in my mothers basement. I guess that's really where it's at.

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    Hee hee, this video is genius
    Meerkatsu's BJJ Blog

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    holy shit seriously if i could do the dim mak i would not need anything else in the world !!
    and gotta admit bjj sucks it doesnt work its just stylish nothingness haha
    Brazilian Ju Jitsu Blue Belt- Royce Gracie.

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