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Thread: To the white belts over 30 years of age?

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    They think that me having four kids is crazier than a 40 year old training bjj.

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    I'm not too fussed what other people think of me as a 33 year old beginner doing what is probably a young man's game, but I certainly question myself when those inevitable injuries crop up, and what makes me continue. Training with someone who's 47 and did well at Seni last year is pretty inspiring, so I know that if I just stick with it, it'll get easier.

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    No one seems to care much about age where I train. I started at the age of 32 and no one ever bats an eye lid when you tell them your age, even now several years later. I don't feel age is a factor and I still enter comps in the young'uns division rather than the saga division.

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    it swings in roundabouts, younger guys may not be mature enough to apply themselves to bjj, All depends on if you can appreciate the art and have the drive to do comps and be graded, i kno a lad thats 21 who has 8 stripes and there just basicly giving him stripes to keep him motivated to doing it still.
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    I'm 30 and actually one of the youngest guys in my class, lol.

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    Been training BJJ for nearly 5 months, I am 37. There are plenty of guys my age and older at the gym. Any 30 + people reading this and thinking about taking up BJJ. Please do give it a go and dont be put off because I really dont feel it matters what age you are. Some of the fittest guys down at CGRT London are 40+.

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    Agreed age does not matter as you will be forever learning new things. This stuff is so interesting that it just never seems to end.

    I started some additional training in Combat Jui Jitsu so I could apply what have learned in the Dojo to the street from a self defence stand point.

    It is mind blowing how you can adapt stuff that is very effective I would recommend it to anyone.
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    old man strength and cunning... that's why the elders run the show in places like afganistan and africa.. you youngsters are just cannon fodder..

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    Quote Originally Posted by wobblybob View Post
    old man strength and cunning... that's why the elders run the show in places like afganistan and africa.. you youngsters are just cannon fodder..
    Very wise answer I like alot.

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    I did not feel old untill I was told that i would be in the masters at a competition. My answer was something like "You have that wrong as I am only 30!".

    Took me a while to get over that.

    Since then I have met and heard of plenty of others who started as late or later in life as me and they have been getting loads out of BJJ for years. So I am happy again now. Besides when I am 40 I will have 10 years of expierence and enjoyment under my belt.

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