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Thread: Mixed Martial Arts and Forum Culture

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    Default Mixed Martial Arts and Forum Culture

    I wrote this today and thought I'd share with you people.
    I do think forums play an important part in developing the community.
    Marc Goddard's seminar was a good example of that.
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    Cool article ben, if the internet didn't exist I could never have got to where I am today with in the sport!

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    It's a great way to network but, from an outsider's point of view, it can be intimidating for a lot of people.

    It's odd to imagine MMA without the internet but then it's even odder to imagine life without the internet in general.

    Most people I speak to have streamed an event at some point that wasn't available in their country. I remember getting up uber early to watch the Pride OWGP back in 2006.
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    I think MMA forums are great. If it wasn't for forums such as CW I wouldn't know as much about MMA especially due to the local nature of a lot of events.
    It's also made me question my own views sometimes and come round to other peoples ways of thinking in regards to MMA.
    There's a lot of shite to wade through at times but there's some quality info on the forums.

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    I find as well, as a writer, they're a goldmine for ideas, quotes and interviews.
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    Agreed, and a unique way of marketing and self marketing that MMA does better than any other sport (And a big part of its incredible growth over the last ten years)

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    I love forums and probably spend too much time on them. I have probably 3 main forums I go onto, 1 being this, another a bodybuilding forum and 1 more I use for work purposes.

    Like what has been said before a great source for knowledge, somewhere to share your experiences, and get tips or advice. The end of the day not everyone gets involved in the trolling aspect and if I see a 'joke' thread I tend to move on unless it is genuinely funny then it can be a good bit of banter

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    They only reason this sport survived when guys like McCain were gunning for MMA was due to fourms.

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    So many fights i wouldnt of seen if it wasnt for the internet. But i think everything "non mainstream" have benefited from the internet not just MMA
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    It's a hive for anything that's a little subcultureish.

    I used to play a boat load of World of Warcraft and the WoW forums are ridiculous.

    Especially the high end ones like Elitist Jerks, there's threads with ridiculous levels of mathematical reasoning and theorising.
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