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    Default boxing in bristol

    I want to improve my stand up and wondered if anyone can recommend a decent boxing club in bristol. I know of a few about but I don't know if there any good. I can't get to empire or spaniorium which is a shame cos they seem to have good reputations.

    Any help is appreciated

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    Where are you in Bristol littlebill?

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    Cadbury heath, next to warmley and longwell green mate if you know where that is

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    Little Bill,ask around Cadbury Heath for a guy named James Taylor.
    He is/was a good-quality amateur who runs classes in the Community Centre,behind the Lamb pub.
    I will have a look for his number for you.

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    I think I know his sister mate,
    just found out its on tuesday , cheers for that. Have you ever trained there? Is there a decent amount of sparring? I've been to a couple that have had loads of kids and hardly any sparring
    I train somewhere else on Tuesday But ill check it out

    If anyone knows anywhere else that's supposed to be good that would be cool

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    Double post
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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleBill View Post
    Cadbury heath, next to warmley and longwell green mate if you know where that is
    Yeah I know it your just down the road from me. There are a couple of clubs I've used however theres not really a club this side of the city (that im aware of). Broad plain boxing club is at the bottom of the M32, or Smelters gym in Avonmouth

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    Yeah, I've noticed that all the boxing gyms that I've heard good things about are the other side of bristol. I'm not driving for much longer cos I'm an out of work bricky and I can't afford it.

    Where do you train then mate?

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