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Thread: Khan vs Maidana

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    vip's been locked, any others?

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    What a fight!

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    Yeah wicked fight. Couldn't be arsed to stay up just got the repeat this morning. Khan showed good resilience to being hit even though it looked like he wouldn't make it past round 10 at one point.

    I think he proved some people wrong, it was a really good 12 rounder

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    I like how Freddie Roach says Khan is the best 140lber in the World when he really isn't with Pacman standing at his side, picked a good coach to become friends with after his KO to Prescott because now he'll get away with not getting chinned off Manny. Personal despise of the man.
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    "You can't put a muscle on a chin." So goes conventional boxing thinking.
    Maybe. But what we witnessed here in Vegas on Saturday night was incontrovertible proof that a fighter's punch resistance can be improved, that it's more than a case of "you've either got it or you haven't".
    When Amir Khan was bludgeoned to the point of oblivion by Breidis Prescott in Manchester in 2008, many of us feared there was glass where his jaw should have been and the deficiency would stunt his growth as a prospect...."

    More here

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    So who's next for Khan then? Timothy Bradley maybe?

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    The winner of Bradley-Alexander should be khan's next target. Khan was impressive but also managed to get dragged into Maidana's fight
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    rumour has it, Zab Judah is next. I'd personally like to see him fight Ortiz before the winner of Bradley/Alexander
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