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    Default JUDO app - Neil Adams

    Just released today!
    Neil Adams is a true LEGEND in Judo! 8th degree Black Belt, 2 x Olympic Silver medalist, former World Champion, multiple time EU champion...

    the app contains a full lesson with Neil focusing on Juji Gatame - Arm Locks and then contains more links to buy further lessons.
    All just 3.49 each!

    Neils Juji Gatame teaching is excellent. Much more agressive than your average BJJ version of arm locks due to the time limit set on the ground in Judo. Neil became famous when he won the World Championships for his Ne Waze - Ground Fighting and was a feared opponent.

    In the app, Neil shows how to set the arm locks up from the takedown and includes a number of variations on holds, locks and attacks.

    Get this app! You will not be dissapointed.
    If we can get it to number 1 in the Judo app charts today, then we will also be including some FREE lessons on No Gi Judo takedowns...

    Link below.
    Please post this on your facebook etc... help us get people to know about it, then we will add the bonus free lessons!

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    Neil coached the British Judo team when I was in the squad in 93 and I cannot speak highly enough of him. I also travelled up to train at his club in Coventry whenever I could. Fast forward 17 years and my son Luke is about to move to Birmingham for his second stint of full time training with Braulio. Cage films have completely nailed it with their panel of experts. Neil and Braulio are quite possibly the best Judo coach and BJJ coach in the world. If you gave your back to one of Neil students in a Judo contest he would Juji you, simple as.

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