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Thread: Massage?

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    Default Massage?

    Who here has regular massages?

    What type of massages do you have?

    How much do they cost?

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    I used to see a physio every week when i was training x2 every day. Think it was like 10 for back shoulders and neck. And 15 for full body.

    Alternatively, get yourself a girlfriend who knows how! You save so much money lol.
    This is not a gif. It is an actual video of Fedor doing infinate press ups.

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    Are physios and osteopaths the best people to give massages? What about just garden variety masseurs/massueses?

    I have to say that although I'd prefer to receive a massage from a woman, I have found that their hands are usually not strong enough to get stuck into the really knotted areas.

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    My chiropractor used to do sports massage for me, was savage in my calves but felt so much looser the next day.

    Think it used to cost 20. Worth finding one that does or knows your sport if you can, help them focus on the right areas and give the right type of massage/intensity

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    I see an osteo every 4-6 months for routine maintenance, and have a deep tissue massage every 4-6 weeks to help with any general muscle soreness or stiffness.


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    You get what you pay for.

    In our game (bjj/mma/general man-cuddling), drilling, sparring & competing take their toll. Stretching will assist your longevity, but you will need professional help to keep you off the sidelines & on the mat.

    Paying a non-specialist physio/chiro a couple of shekels will be nothing more than a placebo for you. A waste of your time and money. Invest in yourself & use the best. A good massage from a sports masseur/masseuse hurts like hell, & you feel the benefits extremely quickly - particularly if done regularly.

    For london/south-east try

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    Best advice is to be recommend to someone.
    In my experience a woman with good technique is more than capable of getting into problem areas.
    It is definitely worth a while shopping around though to make sure you get what you need.
    (a customer of mine was away and suffered from a stiff back, so he looked in the local directory and found a guy who sounded right. Things started off fine, but then the guy asked:"Do you want me to keep my clothes on?" :0

    Specialist treatment of sporting injuries

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