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Thread: Some cool old vids of Chrith and Nige I found

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    Default Some cool old vids of Chrith and Nige I found

    One for the old school boxing fans

    Great little interview before the first fight in 1990. Really awkward and intense. Great stuff.

    And this

    Eubank/Benn 2 Best Of Enemies. A special TV interview with Jonathan Ross leading into their second fight in 93. I love this and it's got Norman fuckin Wisdom in it...and Pauline Fowler And a load of other celebs of the time who had fuck all to do with boxing, it's TV gold I tell ya

    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Part 3 -
    Part 4 -

    Look out for the cameo by Mickey Rourke and a young James Toney in part 4. Toney's hilarious and Eubank and Benn actually seem to be in rare agreement on their dislike of him

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    Debate on the second fight being scored a draw with guys like Don King, Frank Warren and Barry McGuigan giving their views.

    I'm getting hooked on this shit

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    Awesome stuff! Love watching Eubanks, the bloke crack's me up! Brilliant fighter n all!

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