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Thread: Chisora calls Emmanuel Steward an ‘Uncle Tom’

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    Default Chisora calls Emmanuel Steward an ‘Uncle Tom’

    haha wild stuff, both laying into each other (and Wlad's trainer) with the insults. Hope Dereck catches Wlad and does a Corrie Sanders.

    Chisora went even further with the insults when he accused Klitschko’s legendry trainer Emmanuel Steward of be an ‘Uncle Tom, ’(implying a black trainer is helping a white fighter defeat a black fighter). Steward was visibly furious at the statement but is experienced and cute enough to realise that those comments will only make his job easier when motivating Klitschko

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    what an idiot.
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    Stupid thing to say. All part and parcel of the game though I suppose. Can't see the ticket sales being great for this one, could be wrong!!!

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