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Thread: Blue Belts?

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    Default Blue Belts?

    Just a quick question, roughly how long does it take to reach a blue belt? How many sessions a week would it take to progress steadily?

    Am i going to get "how long is a piece of string" answers?

    Is it realistic to reach a blue in 6 months - 1 year training 1-2 times a week? if you have a decent grappling knowledge previously?
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    It's extremely realistic in that scenario.

    For a complete beginner, 12-18 months is probably the average I reckon.


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    obviously how long is a piece of string comes into it, but I got mine in just over 6 months, I'd trained in MMA for a year or so previously, and am a blue in Judo as well, but I still had to put the hours in and get used to the Gi again, before I got a good whipping. I train at least 3 times a week. Depends on you and your instructor/teacher. You represent who ever gives you the belt, so they have there rep on the line, so they want to be sure you can swim with the other blue belts.

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    Well i train mma and bjj
    two session on a monday night
    two sessions on a thursday night.
    and i got my blue belt from Royce gracie in 10 months.... so its easily achievable in a year but it also goes on how quickly you progress because people have learn at there own pace but if you drill the moves you get given to learn.... literally just drill drill drill drill you should be able to get it in a year..
    but dont rush it because white belt competitions is where everyone is fairly similar skill level but when it jumps to blue you can have a budding purple belt so just train enjoy it and when your ready you will get it
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    6 months is definitely achieveable... I got mine in 8 months with no previous experience at all and starting totally out-of-shape. Just depends how hard you train. -

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    you looking to hang up the singlet for the kimono?

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    Simon Hayes wrote this back in 2008 (incidently you should also check out his article on bluebeltitis and other seriously good stories here:

    I can only speak for Carlsons,but i am happy to describe the neccesary attributes required to gain a Blue Belt at our club.

    Firstly-The rules are-There are NO rules,because everyone is different.Everyone has a different fighting style,different bodies and different brains,reflexes and attitudes.We encourage people to use their
    attributes to their advantage.

    If you are strong,it's natural to use your strength.

    If you are clever,it's natural to use your brain.

    If you are patient,it's natural to use your patience.

    If you are explosive,it's natural to use your explosiveness

    Etc Etc.

    The first thing we are looking for when awarding a Blue is whether the White Belt can submit Blue Belt's of a similar size/weight to himself.

    The next thing is,does the white belt get regularly submitted by other white belts,or has that stopped happening.

    Does the white belt have a general understanding of posture,base and leverage.

    Does the white belt have an understanding of how to escape from unfavourable positions using balance and leverage rather than just strength.

    If an 'average' Judo black belt turned up at the gym,could the white belt
    avoid getting submitted by him.

    If an 'average' wrestler turned up at the gym,could the white belt avoid getting submitted by him.

    These are just some of the criteria we will be looking at when deciding
    whether a fighter is ready,but EVERY FIGHTER IS DIFFERENT and there is no SET criteria,everyone is judged on their own merit.

    If a white belt wants to force the issue and make it impossible for his instructors to ignore him,a good way to get an early Blue Belt is by winning a couple of competitions in the white belt division.

    I fully expect questions like 'What if all the other blue belts in the gym have been blue for 2 years-how will a white belt tap them' and, 'what if a guy is really skinny compared to the gym blue belts so cant tap them but is very technical' and, 'what if he can't tap the blues but hangs with them' and,
    'what if the white belt is just a steroid abusing animal who just guillotines everyone and doesn't use good technique'??

    Well these questions are why there are NO SOLID RULES and the decision is down to the instructor-because he has the experience to weigh up all the facts and decide if the fighter is good enough to represent his team as a Blue Belt or not.

    Fastest Blue at Carlsons-4 months-candidate- Sambo Black Belt who was 85 kilo's of pure muscle.

    Average time to get blue-18 MONTHS

    Some guys are still white after 4 years.

    How long did it take me? 1 YEAR,training 4 times a week with a background in Judo as a kid,kickboxing as an adult and weight training from 15 years old

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. There are no gradings,no money changes hands-when a white belt is ready he is handed a Blue Belt.Simple.
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    Cheers guys, ill read Simon's stuff later, always enjoy his articles / stories.

    Natural - no ill always love wrestling, i was just asking out of interest really.
    You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get

    Team Colosseum

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    i got mine in 8 months. as a total beginner.
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    When I was at BTT we had one student who got awarded his Blue belt after around 3 months training. However he was training pretty much everyday plus having 2 private classes a week.
    He fought in a tournament as a White after this time and won gold and was given his Blue. Two weeks later he fought in another tournament as Blue and won silver. So I guess we were right.
    I think with the level of teaching in the UK now 6 months is achievable. I would think average would be a year to a year and a half.

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