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    Whilst there seems to be a lot of hate for RJD at the moment, I thought I'd balance things up with an "RJD you legend" thread.

    If cop murderer and wife beater Raoul Moat managed to find 35,000 adoring facebook fans, surely there must be at least a few sick individuals who think RJD is the bollocks and a true BJJ legend up there with Grand Master Helio.

    This thread will be a place for RJD fans to band together and show support for the self proclaimed King of Trolls.

    Don't all rush.....

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    Its not his cup you can feel.... Mike Bishop's Avatar
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    isnt this bomberrh? and dont you train at Dtec?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vileniall View Post
    isnt this bomberrh? and dont you train at Dtec?
    I am not DTEC. I am also not the legendary Rickson Gracie.

    I am a judoka, I run my own Judo club and I also coach stand-up to a few BJJers. I also cross train BJJ at a couple of different gyms. However, I have met RJD and in person he was a decent guy. Different to the internet alter ego.
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