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Thread: Griphouse 10am Thai class

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    Default Griphouse 10am Thai class

    Anyone on here go to this?was thinking about coming down to give it a try,wondering what's a class consists of as most classes i've done r an hour&im knackered after that!!also is there any parking at the grip?

    Thanks in advance

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    What day is it on?

    Do you not need to be a griphouse/caledonian fighter to attend these daily classes anyway? Or at least pay yer £50 a month fee?
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    I saw on the website the class is on every weekday!I thought it said u could pay£5 per class but was thinking of joining&paying £50 if it suits my shifts!would prefer classes during the day!

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    Hey troops, the thai sessions are open to anyone who is fighting or thinking about fighting (doesn't matter what level you are at), these are team sessions so anyone from grip/ninjas/caley MT welcome, if you train at someone else's club it would be a tad impolite to train at another gym, unless there is a working relationship already in existence. If you're new to the sport and looking for a team, again, you're welcome. Bring trainers as well as regular kit. Sessions are fairly quiet as fight season is almost over. In terms of how hard the training is, if you don't want to push as hard as a fighter, these aren't for you. sessions are £5, or part of membership deal. Any probs, please pm me.

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