Re me: I have been training in Judo for just over a year and am about to sit my green belt grading, so I am not the most experienced yet by any means. I've competed and I got gold in my first comp (kyu grades +100kg) and am looking to compete as much as I can, working my way up to dan grade and beyond, and to a high level of competition if I can.

What I am wondering; can a judoka compete in a full gi BJJ tournament as a novice having only done Judo and not being part of a BJJ club? Or would the player need to be a member and licence holder in a certain federation ie the IBJJF (is that what its called?).

I know judo is no where near as extensive in groundwork as BJJ, but at my club where I train twice a week, we do 3 x 5min full groundfights by way of ne-waza randori every session, and we study transitions and submissions every session too. In my club particularly, my sensei loves ne-waza which is why we do a lot, but in the gradings there is plenty too. In the lower grades, transitions and positions ie hold downs. Then from middle grades upwards there are chokes, strangles and armlocks.

I am thinking of entering the www.gototheground.com round 2 in february for some no-gi fun; but also thought if I could, I would maybe put on my gi and enter a novice BJJ comp just for a roll.

Is that possible? Could I enter a BJJ comp and roll with some whitebelts? Obviously I would be a white belt.
Im sure I would get dominated, but I'm not that bad technically for a middle grade judoka and Im pretty strong. There is an ex-BJJ fighter at the club (he only reached blue belt - now a brown belt in judo) but he is 105kg and though he normally taps me, it takes him the 5 minutes to do so. I've never tapped him but do tap many at the club.

I dont mind losing when its not my sport, I just wondered if its possible as I like competing and rolling. There are Ne-waza comps in judo, but outside of full judo comps, Im not much of a hold down to win fan. I dont mind being on my back in guard and quite like the time to work my way from there.

Please advise if you can.