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Thread: Does Eddie Bravo promote drug use...

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    whats with all the 10th planet Eddie Bravo hate of late ...?

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    I agree, Eddie is a legend, theres no need for the hating

    I'm not a fan of gardening but you dont see me hating on alan titchmarsh LO
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    He's pretty good at Jiu Jitsu and apparently when he's not been smoking too much he's a good teacher as well. The problem is he's taken the piss out of some well respected people and tried to separate himself from the rest of BJJ. I've never met him but he comes across in the media as pretty arrogant as well.

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    and Titchmarsh is a twat, Geoff Hamilton is the man!

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    Eddie's a legend? How exactly?

    Personally I don't hate him, but I do dislike the shameless self promotion and generally arrogant attitude that seems to come across in most things Eddie seems to be involved with. Not to mention Joe Rogan's constant shilling for the 10th Planet system during UFC commentary. It's a good methodology, but it's not the infallible system that many 10th Planet followers make it out to be (Eddie to his credit doesn't make those claims). Eddie also hasn't done his reputation any good by associating with Ari Bolden and Brandon Quick (though Quick is no longer part of his organisation).

    I think what many people want to see is whether Eddie's views on gi vs no gi training will pan out. At the highest level (ADCC, No Gi Worlds) only Denny Prokopos has had much success, and at the lower belt levels and comps 10th Planet schools have yet to show any particular domination over schools that teach both gi and no gi.

    He definitely knows his his stuff, and is a massive student of the game (you only have to listen to him talk about Marcelo or JJ Machado to realise that), I think probably more people hate 10th Planet/Rubber Guard and its fanatics then actually dislike Eddie himself.


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    Obviously Eddie Bravo does promote drug use in that he says it's something that has been a positive in his life.

    It doesn't reflect badly on bjj at all, as i get the impression he doesn't really align himself with bjj. Even if he did, who cares that he smokes weed? Daily Mail readers and viewers of Loose Women? What do they care about BJJ?

    10th planet stuff? I like the pictures in Eddies books.

    10th planet disciples? To me they can appear to be a bit evangelistic about the system.

    Eddie Bravo? Very clever guy when it comes to marketing and the media.

    Eddies music? It's shit.

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    I have to listen to some of his music now.

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    I don't really have anything against the rubber guard system, but the whole fanatical hoopla surrounding him is laughable.

    This is the sort of thing these idiots think is cool

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    That's why people hate Eddie Bravo.

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    Does he promote drug use, I would say yes.

    I don't know him personally, but I think he is ok.

    He's a good grappler, no one can deny, and as daddybaresi said, a great marketeer.

    He is either a very clever guy, or he is a clever guy for getting a very clever business partner on board. At the end of the day, he has created 10th planet JJ, a worldwide organization, with many disciples, even if lots on here hate it, on the back of coming 2nd (was it?) in the adcc many years ago.

    personally I think he deserves credit for that.

    I do however think it is wrong that he apparently turns up to seminars (or has done) stoned.

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