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Thread: Mobile upgrade/contract ending

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigSt.Clair View Post
    Careful on the Galaxy S, our lass got one and the screen smashed while it was just on the chair arm next to her, no impact, no dropping nothing, just kinda imploded on itself. This was the second one in two weeks, first one software dies on it at random.

    I have a Motorola Defy, so far it is mint
    If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood who ya gonna call?

    I have just got the HTC Desire HD and so far so good, just trying to get get to grips with it at the mo but it's fairly easy to operate and there are loads of online tutorials.

    Keen to find out if anyone knows about the Android 'crack' though as would be good to see the apps in more details.

    The 2 guys in the shops highly recommended this and said that it was the best Smartphone on the market. 1 of them actually said he had an iphone 4 and wanted this one. The good thing about Android also is when they update and improve you can just download the updates.

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    I've been using the iphone 3GS on O2 and Blackberry on Orange for about 12 months now and love em both. I have had a HTC Desire as my 'other' phone but didnt like it and changed back to Nokia quickly. I will be upgrading the Iphone for the 4 pretty soon and also the Blackberry for the new Bold. Like i say i love them both and with all my settings for both saved on my iMac i can just transfer both.

    I cant understand all this 'evil' Apple talk. I have an iMac, iPhone, Ipad, MacBook Pro and every single one works aswell now as when i got it. I use peoples PC's now and cant believe i had the patience to own one. Its like wading through treacle in comparison.

    *sits back, feet up, chooses a song off his iphone and streams it through the stereo with the iMac remote*

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    Orange are fucking shite.... great deals & customer service but the network is just pants, always drops calls and 3G reception unless you are in a town/city centre. Cant wait to get off it & back onto Voda

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    Google top 10/50 Android apps and that will give you a few sites to read about apps, techradar is pretty good and t3 I think.

    Pingchat is my newest handy app. Send pic messages for free etc!

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