I've been involved in MMA since Autumn 2003 but have got a little out of touch with who's who etc since I stopped training about 3 years ago; so can someone explain to me why there are so many feuds in UK MMA

Just off the top of my head we have:
The world and his wife sniping at Knuckleup
The Extreme Brawl dispute (which arguably is an exceptional case except that other people who don't necessarily know the full facts are commenting on it)
The recent scepticism about BAMMA and their intentions
Assorted disputes between former close associates that have popped up here over the last 12 months either as threads in themselves or as barbed comments in other threads

It all seems a long way from where it all started as a world where everyone got along with each other and found it a refreshing change from the politics of traditional martial arts (TMA).

The TMA world of senseis who wouldn't let you darken their door again if yoiu trained with someonel else, endless splitting and sub-splitting of establsihed organisations seems trivial in comparison.

Could it be the same old problem but with higher stakes: Too many people wanting to make a full-time living out of something where the market just isn't big enough to sustain them all; or is somethign else going on?