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Thread: Feuds in UK MMA

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    On an interpersonal level there will always be rivalries in any field. It's more a question of the relative number of friendly and unfriendly rivalries, what people are willing to tolerate from rivals in order to acheive their aims and objectives and the politics at an organisational level that have changed. In the early days I'm not sure that you could call even the promoters 'organisations' as they were all really one man bands.

    As other people have said money changes things.......although size also changes things. Smaller communities are always likely to be more cohesive than larger ones
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    Amusing reading back these old threads.

    Cage Contender/ Cagewarriors is like the new Cage Rage/ Cagewarriors lol
    Andy Lillis, Former Cagewarriors President

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    Seems to me like the fella who runs cagewarriors tries to make enemies with everyone

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    Tony Mac?

    Andy Lillis, Former Cagewarriors President

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    Do people think that feuds nowadays are more frequent than say 5 years ago?

    You would expect with more people jumping on the MMA freight train over the years that there would or at least from people being unscrupoulous towards one another from some form of business dealings gone wrong etc
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    I think with fighters and testosterone their will always be feuds
    Andy Lillis, Former Cagewarriors President

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