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Thread: Pacquiao-Mosely - waste of time

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    Default Pacquiao-Mosely - waste of time

    And I mean that literally. How many fights does Pacquiao have left in him before he gets absorbed by Filipino politics? Will the Mayweather fight ever happen? He's even said that he will be done with boxing soon, so why wasn't the Mayweather fight made after he beat Margarito? Sometimes I despair.

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    Completely agree, its times like this that im thankful for the UFC and their monopoly on MMA where you KNOW that the biggest fight is going to happen, whereas with boxing its all about who stands to make the most money out of it in the split! So many fights over the years either never happened, or happened when one guy was way past his prime, no quick fix though sadly
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    Mayweather is scared, that's why this won't happen. Someone should tell him not to be a bitch and fight.

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    Just finished reading Mannys biography great book! FMJ is a punk and is scared of losing his unbeaten record.
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    explain how mayweathers running scared?Mannys the one thats not interested he refuses a test that mayweather would have to do aswell mmmmmm
    Mayweather offers 26 million dollors for the fight...thn mannys team refuse thn opts for a fight against margarito who not only didnt deserve a bash at manny he also had just came back from his year ban for CHEATING and the fight was for 6 million dollars mmmmmm......the difference is guys manny is controlled be a management team they dont want the fight with mayweather.....Mayweather is his own boss,no has in who he fights or not!
    Manny is more interested in polictics because if he becomes governor he wont have to pay tax on his millions end of.
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    Agreed, and if it happens mayweather will tear him a new 1,
    Mosley may just do that 1st though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BreadnButter View Post
    explain how mayweathers running scared?Mannys the one thats not interested he refuses a test that mayweather would have to do aswell mmmmmm
    Playing devils advocate, has Mayweather made this particular demand of any previous opponent?
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    Also, Manny agreed to Floyd's demands regarding blood testing, as long as it happened two weeks before the fight. Surely Mayweather should be ready to compromise just a little? I still believe he is simply scared of losing his unbeaten record, that's it. I'm not saying he would, I don't follow boxing that much but that's the only plausible explanation for his antics to me.

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    Boxing is crazy, IMO its all the promotions faults too. 2 of the best fighters only meet when they go 10-0/20-0 and its to unify the titles, thats bollox. You end up with people like Audley Harrison getting title fights? Chisora fighting Klitchko's when the fight should blatantly be Haye. Corruption has killed boxing and in the end it will destroy the sport once and for all unless they shave the number of titles per WC and stop protecting fighters so much, shit, I could go 20-0 with the right management in boxing.

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    I wouldnt say its a waste of time because Mosley is a great fighter and a legend, but it's clearly not the match to make right now. Better Mosley than some other bums he's fought lately though.
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