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Thread: Pacquiao-Mosely - waste of time

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    At this point it's more than clear Mayweather is ducking Manny, the proof is out there, Manny and his team have come forwards and accepted all of Floyds outlandish requests and Floyd is still making excuses, it's ironic in his desperate attempts to protect his legacy by ducking manny he has completely tarnished it and will forever be remembered at the guy who ducked manny, whilst manny continues to solidify him self as the p4p champ.

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    I agree mayweather is a great fighter but it looks like he will be remembered for i dont like saying this word but a coward

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reedy View Post
    Mosely will win this.
    You know i reckon he's a pretty good chance, alot more of one than people are giving him. Here's the second ep of 360

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    I also think Marquez won the rematch, but that was so long ago it can't really be counted now surely? Not with the streak he's put together since.

    The biggest argument is that Mosley will be MASSive in comparison, but then so was Margacheato. And De La Hoya (yea I know, he was about 57 when he fought him) and Cotto, and Clottey!

    And when was the last time Mosley looked all that good? Really? HOF, definately, but not in Pac's league anymore.

    It is a waste of time and yes the only person that he should be fighting is Mayweather, but he's chosen to run scared and make racist videos on youtube instead, so this is as god as we're going to get to enjoy Manny whilst we can.

    BTW, has any channel over here picked up the rights?

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    This is my veiw on pac man. he is whooping everyones ass, which is great hes moved up alot of weight divisions sure he started at 106! He has been beating everyone with blistering combos and when we wants to use it great movement both with his feet and head. But sine the second fight with JJM he has fought

    David Diaz. De La Hoya. Ricky Hatton. Cotto. Clottey and Margarito, without oscar who, in his day and at a different weight(his fight with manny was 147 i think, a weight he said he couldnt make for mayweather) was a great boxer. All the other guys are walk forward in your face brawlers, cotto has great boxing ability but has way to much heart and wants to brawl lol so against these guys manny looks even faster than he obviously is but, put him in with a great bixer like JJM and he doesnt do half as good as he does when he can outbox people. So i think if you put manny infront of floyd after first few rounds floyd gets his rythem and starts to pot shot and pick manny apart which is when manny will start to brawl like he which will play into floyds hands.

    main point here lol imo pac man has outmoved,outboxed and outsmarted the last few guys, he cant do that to mayweather.

    Few years ago id pick shane but really seems to have lost a step and manny will outwork him
    This is the most fun i can have without going to jail

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    Default it on telly over here?

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