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Thread: BJJ question

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    ''Surprisingly 100% of the guys who train BJJ with me have competed.''

    Thats pretty cool, the comparison with Thai and jits wasnt the best, as i said around about 10% of people training in Thai compete, BJJ will be more, i know from the Scottish BJJ scene though that there isnt a fraction of the guys who train competeing. Im not sure why.

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    1 word WOW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddball View Post

    1 word WOW!
    Sweeeeeet throw!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkne$s View Post
    Is the ball in the net? Did what you just see happen for real or was it a hallucination or dream? If so... well you've just answered your own question.

    Furthermore, we're talking about bjj which is more than a sport so the analogy kind of falls flat and to have the knowledge to be great in anything is very different from actually being great.

    Arts is more than painting or dancing. Besides, some forms of dancing are tough as hell. Bolding something doesn’t automatically discount something else.


    I find it amusing that you believe that it is related to fear. I have competed but right now I don’t fancy it. As I feel today I don’t mind if I don’t compete again, I can take it or leave it. One thing is for sure, fear has nothing to do with it. I have tapped many people more skilled than me and I get tapped all the time. It doesn’t bother me the slightest.
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    I can confirm Dave helping out his students to compete, he contacted me and did it at my competition. Great guy, fantastic coach, awesome fighter. Most helpful and supportive guy. Inspires me every day. And that Uchimata! Wow!

    Simon McGovern.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zefff View Post
    yes, that's lovely.
    glad u liked it

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    Got to say Dave amazing Uchimata! Really like the fact that you went for the finish as well rather than just staying in top position and winning on points! Looking forward to competing in the Hereford Open this year! Only heard good things about the comp!
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