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Thread: Dogs.

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    Got a couple of Pugs ... they are fckin cool dogs.

    you can dres them up and shit

    If you need a friend, get a dog !

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    Not got a dog my self (yet) but here are a few photos of family/friends dogs!

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    That top photo is class.

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    i freaking love dugs.

    wanted a bulldog since i was about 10. so expensive though

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    Haha, that top one looks like if the little one had massive bodyguards. Awesome photos, I'd love a dog but it's out of the question for a good while

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    All the Dogs in this thread are cool as fuck. In fact all Dogs are cool as fuck.

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    My bulldog, (in my avatar), died nearly 2 years ago I really want another one as they are awesome dogs but your right they are expensive.... was gonna try and find one at a rescue centre but I bet they will be hard to come accross. Either that or I do likethe american pit bulls too

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    Baby Millie...


    Puppy Millie...


    Sleepy Millie...


    Travelling Millie...

    Taking this shit, one day at a time.

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    Very nice blue staff.

    Mine has been a fucking pain in the arse today, she is usually really good but we had a friend over for dinner yesterday and they brought there dog over, ruby was playing with it all day and since then she has been acting up.
    I swear it's harder to train dog's than kids.

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    my alaskan malamute cross german shepard

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