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Thread: Dogs.

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    Carlson as a Puppy
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    Now Carlson is nearly 2 years old and is a complete Lemon!!! He barks at other dogs whilst he is running away and barks at people whilst he is on his lead, but if they turn round to look at him he trys to hide. Hahaha
    He is Extremly Loyal and loves his Dad
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    Two years old in 10 minutes mate, they do grow up quick!!

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    well i love dogs i have a dogue de bordeaux cross with a neo mastiff he still a puppy at min but weighs in at about 9 stone

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    They all are Nice Looking Dog I also have Lab He is so comical and Now he is becoming dozy too.

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    comical eh? that's nice. he is becoming dozy? what have you done to him?
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    I have 2 dogs firstly Rosie, shes a 2 year old American Bulldog, shes 24" at the withers and 36kg

    And secondly Blodwen shes our staff not sure on height weight. Shes hyperactive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post
    comical eh? that's nice. he is becoming dozy? what have you done to him?
    I guess lack of exercise anyways going to add regular exercise to his routine again

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