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Thread: The FUCK YOU thread

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    i thought it would be a good idea to have a thread were people could come and say "fuck you" in. You know, vent anger, swear in jest, just anytime you want to say "fuck you" come in here and say it. You may have a beef with a forum member, come in here and express it. You may want to say hello to a good friend, no better way than uttering the friendly phrase "Fuuck youuuu!".

    So, cagewarriors. Love you all so FUCK YOU!

    (waits to see how mods deal with thread )

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    I think ShaolinSubz really sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke View Post
    I think ShaolinSubz really sucks.

    man when is this poontang turnin up?

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    FUCK YOU! Hugh Heffner you immortal playboy with your millions of dollars and endless stream of beautiful fanny just waiting to do anything it takes to get their baps out in your magazine, you CUNT!!
    The mind of the believer stagnates. It fails to grow outward into an unlimited, infinite universe.

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    Fuck you, Orange, for texting me bullshit about Bright Top-ups or whatever the fuck it is all the time - usually around 8am. You pieces of shit. When I text back "STOP", then please. fucking. stop.

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    Fuck my fucking boss! i worked xmas eve, and worked my tits off all week before it. and some fuckiers have worked like 1 day in a month. and i booked nye off and hes just put me in anyway, and is refusing to let me have it off. Saying no one else can fucking work it.
    This is not a gif. It is an actual video of Fedor doing infinate press ups.

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    Hey students that sprayed graffiti on the Cenotaph & Sir Winston Churchills statues claiming it was 'just pieces of stone' whilst failing to grasp what those 'pieces of stone' represent

    FUCK YOU!............and die

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    Fuck you chavs, Fuck you people with no common sense like the dude who made Nuclear Weaponary - what the fuck you fucker - did you think you could cook eggs with that shit? Fuck all common sense so fuuuck you.

    Fuck you racists - its one fucking planet you knobheads and when the aliens come what the fuck will you do then eh....want to make friends with people on your planet no doubt you spineless little fucks - I hope the aliens are fucking hungry for racist pricks on toast because I will serve you the fuck up with a sprinkle of sugar!

    Fuck you knobheads who tootle along on the outside lane of a motorway and then after 10 minutes speed up for twenty fucking yards before slowing back down and not pulling in...mother fuckers if I had bonnet mounted cannons you wouldn't be getting a fuck you because you would no longer be a problem!

    Erm... Fuck you pope and your dumb fucking idea's that the Bible is not a work of fiction. Wonder if you also qualify as a no common sense Fuck you...h,,, lemme check...thats a yes!

    Fuck people who moan when you say fuck...I don't care if its a playground and I am the playground monitor*!

    Fuck you person who decided The Wire should end when Corofuckingnation street is still fucking going.

    *not a true story

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evzy View Post
    Fuck you people with no common sense like the dude who made Nuclear Weaponary - what the fuck you fucker - did you think you could cook eggs with that shit?
    Come on, that wasn't just one dude. It was a natural progression of science, and once people realised what a nuclear chain reaction could produce, the cat was out of the bag. You couldn't expect any government to go "Oh soz mate, we found this way of blowing the fuck out of stuff, but if you promise to not develop it, we won't develop it either..."

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